How would the people of Manchester feel if the Uber ban hit the North West?


  • The Northern Quota asks regular Uber users how they would feel if the ban hit Manchester

Despite several global controversies, Uber has had an easy ride in the UK up until now.

The company began operating in the capital back in 2012 and has since dealt with 3.5m passengers. 

Last week Transport for London (TfL) revoked Uber’s licence saying the firm was “not fit or proper”. Over 800,000 people have signed a petition on Change.org to save the company. Uber says 40,000 jobs are at risk.

Northern Quota went out into the city centre to find out how people would feel if the Uber ban ever hit Manchester.


Ben Hoque, 28, a retail manager, of Stretford, said:“Currently I find Uber overpriced, mostly because they hike the prices up at peak times! I also don’t like the fact that they keep increasing the time in which they intend to arrive. The most frustrating and common problem is how often they cancel on you and then charge you for the cancellation – getting refunds is very hard to get too. So yes, the technology is good, but any other company could do similar. I did like Uber Eats, but the menu is quite small and the waiting times are very long too! I wouldn’t mind if they left Manchester as hopefully this would make room for a better replacement.”


Gemma Randles, 23, a retail manager from Swinton, said: “Although the surge charges are annoying, Uber is generally cheaper than most taxi firms, and allows you to split fares with friends. I hope the ban doesn’t happen in Manchester, as I never carry cash, so Uber is ideal!”

Robyn Jones, 22, a nurse from Didsbury, added: “I feel as if it’s better for Uber to be banned due to the circumstances where drivers have been hired and recruited without being CRB checked, however, the company is a convenience to thousands of people around the city! It would be for the better if the ban did hit Manchester, there are plenty of other taxi services that can be used!”

Uber driver Chowdary, 45, from Sale, gave a driver’s persepctive: “Uber is popular for a reason. It’s so handy – especially for young people who don’t really carry money. I feel like the ban in London is purely because TfL want to make more money through black cabs. If the ban ever came to Manchester, people like me would lose their jobs, which isn’t ideal.”