Home Black History Month

Home celebrate Black History Month 2021 while pushing the narrative

  • Home curated programe of films to celebrate BHM alongside other events
  • Black women sit down and have much needed conversation about experiences in the creative industry



Home  put on numerous events to celebrate Black History Month this year.

Events included live and online theatre, a specially curated film programme and a new exhibition in the Inspire Gallery. 

The specially curated film season  included classics such as The Story of a Three Day Pass, Barbershop, No Place Like Home, Waiting to Exhale, The Story of Lovers Rock, Hollywood Shuffle and Amazing Grace. 

Sekeenat Karim is an assistant producer at Home who organised.

Her role involves supporting the delivery of events, the production and co-production of programmes and theatre shows.

Sekeenat Karim mentions said she decided on what type of films to curate after watching Love and Resilience, which has been described by Karim as a “non-traumatic black experience on screen”.

This film was show by Home at the beginning of Black History Month.

Sekeenat said: “I went to the film department and said I really want to explore films that sit inside that genre. Meaning films that are non-traumatic.

“And by non-traumatic I mean films that don’t directly explore slavery, police brutality all those kinds of traumatic things.

“Those experiences are very important and they always come up in history but there’s also the other side to it. The joy, the lightness of the black narrative that isn’t always highlighted.

“I think that there are many stereotypes around black narratives and black households which are not always true but are prominent in TV and film culture or in society.

“I feel like it is really important to show the experiences where it is a real household.

“It’s not always happy, there’s ups and downs. The narratives that really show the reality of things are the most powerful ones because a) they resonate and b) they show a realistic view on black lives and families.”

Thanks to @lissi_SW & Kobi of @FlixwatcherPod for the great convo on Love & Resilience on screen at @HOME_mcr for Black History Month. Big thanks to the audience.Home will post the panel and audiences black film,TV and pod watch and listen list tomorrow pic.twitter.com/VrIOKE5hjD

The focus of this series was Black Women in the creative industry.

Venessa Scott who created the Together We Are mural for Black History Month interview has already been released.

She said: ‘I wanted this piece to be a portrait of the energy of a city that is widely identifiable by the characteristics of its people, and for the mural to serve as an encouragement, that no matter how dark things can become, the unity of Manchester’s people is its strength.

“Manchester is yours and Manchester is ours.”

She also has another mural called the Mancara Jack which is made up of three Mancara patterns celebrating African culture.

DJ Paulette, who has performed in clubs such as the Hacienda, The Zap Club, The Ministry of Sound, has had her own inteview uploaded to the website.

Radio presenter and award-winning film maker Karen Gabay’s interview was released last month.

Karim describes each creative as “all very influential and powerful women in the creative industry and their own right”.

The aim of the discussions was to showcase careers to inspire young people, provide advice about the industry and speak about their own personal journey’s.

The assistant producer also admits that she feels like “we have a young generation of people of black future creatives who need to know that these careers are really careers, and that they’re achievable.”

On 11 December an event will feature soul singer Yemi Bolatiwa, SheBeKeke, who has supported the likes of Kae Tempest, The Last Poets, Saul Williams and Oshun.

Nigerian-born, Manchester-based, alternative soul and pop artist Zahyón will also be performing. 

The Home Comedy Club are performing ‘Laff Til Ya Fart’s “A Night of Positive Laughter’ was created by Trevor Dwyer-Lynch.

The line up includes Annette Fagon, Vince Atta and Rodger D.