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Help improve body image amongst young people!

  •  #ConfidenceMattersA campaign to help improve the way young people see themselves in the mirror
  • Led by reporter Kaiya Fitzgerald, this campaign aims to help stop negative body image and body shaming, and help young people feel beautiful in their own right.

Body image is simply the way we think we look, and the way we think others see us. That perception of ourselves we have is often influenced by the people around us and the media, and distorted greatly by our emotions and mood.

This issue can lead to people developing eating disorders and other mental health issues such as depression. So it is a dangerous thing to be dealing with. It can quite literally ruin someones life. 

58% of University aged women feel pressured to be a certain weight, and a shocking 91% of women claim they are not happy with their bodies. 

Students, especially women, who spend their time emmersed in more mainstream media place a higher importance on appearance and ‘sexiness’ than those who are less involved in it. Surely that speaks volumes as to the main culprit of the body shaming and beauty ideals that are causing negative body images in our young people? 

But it isnt just women. 

20% of men have said they would consider cosmetic surgery in the future, just to stay looking a certain way. 

This campaign aims to help all of the young people who are struggling with their body image to see themselves as individually beuatiful and unique. 

You can sign our petition and lend a helping hand here and visit our blog here!