Heartwarming Success of the ‘Tackle Donation Scheme’

  • Generosity of Donors
  • Value of Donations

Generosity of Donors

The success of our ‘Tackle Donation Scheme’ has been amazing and heartwarming, changing the lives of many young people. So far, 79 young anglers have had the chance to enjoy fishing for the first time, through this program.

There has been generous donors, who have seen the value in giving their unused or extra fishing gear to the children. These donations has given kids to start fishing, experiencing the thrill of catching their first fish. The joy on their faces is priceless.

Introducing kids to fishing, offers a healthy and fun time, rather than spending too much time on screens. Fishing encourages outdoor activity, in this type of weather, and it is a connection with nature, which is rare in today. It’s a great way for kids to explore, relax and appreciate the natural world.

Value of Donations

The support from the Didsbury community(West Didsbury resident association) has been incredible. Every equipment such as rod, reel, lure, and tackle box donated is an investment in a child’s happiness and well-being. These equipments represents opportunity, growth, and a connection to nature. and also to appreciate our environment. These donations are creating lasting memories and a love for fishing and nature.

As the ‘Tackle Donation Scheme’ grows, it has and will inspire more people to donate their unused fishing gear, to create nature lovers for upcoming generations.

Top Cast angling Facebook: “We coach school kids through the daytime Mon-Friday, 1-2-1’s, family groups, birthday parties, scout groups, girl guides, afternoons and weekends. We absolutely love coaching people and helping them learn how to fish.”