sustainable Christmas Market

Has Covid-19 affected the Christmas spirit and people’s willingness to spread some seasonal cheer?

  • NQ went onto the streets of Manchester and asked people their thoughts on what Christmas will be like this year with COVID 19 still prevalent in the UK

Christmas decorations and the whole Christmas atmosphere has been promoted by shops and restaurants even earlier this November, so we took to the streets to find out what people think about it, and whether they are still excited for Christmas after this past year of Covid. 

Lauren Blunt, 22, of Fallowfield, said: “Normally I’d be really excited for Christmas this year round.

“My family would even start buying decorations and then on the 12th of December we would hang them up.

“But after Covid and the whole lockdown last year, that excitement isn’t really there anymore, because what if we enter another lockdown and we’re not able to see our family?”  

Aisha Fabunmi, 31, of Moss Side, said: “I don’t actually celebrate Christmas, but my friends and family that do have said they’re not really going to be celebrating too much since Covid is really affecting the way they usually celebrate it.

“Usually they would either spend Christmas abroad with their family or they would come to visit but because of the travel restrictions they’re not able to see all of their family.”