Green Island Festival Poster

Green Island Festival is returning to this Manchester neighbourhood in the summer

  • Green Island Festival returns this summer
  • Hulme Community Garden Centre
  • Niamos Radical Arts & Centre

A grassroots music and arts festival will be kicking off this summer with a stage set up in the Hulme Community Garden Centre.

Green Island Festival in Hulme is returning for the fourth year in a row. It aims to give young people opportunities by providing a platform for underground and underrepresented emerging talent.

The line up for this year includes a melting pot of genres from jazz, ska-punk, hip-hop, electric, indie, Afro-beats, and everything in-between.

Instagram will load in the frontend.

Artists from across the UK and globe such as: Afriquoi, Fat Out, Murder He Wrote, Ku’umba, Arch Femesis, Ask My Bull and Benita &The Groove.

What to expect

There will be pop-up food vendors from local, independent cooks and local artisan vendors. Relaxing communal areas, and the on-site café will be available.

The festival is inclusive for everyone and family friendly. The bed of chamomile grass is available for kids to lay in and soak up the warmth of summer and cloud gaze.

Chamomile Bed at Hulme Community Garden Centre. Credit – Makenna Ali

The festival will take place across three days: June 15, July 27, and September 7. Afterparties for each date will be hosted at YES bar from 11pm. Rinse FM DJ Arthi will be manning the parties fusing beats from Manchester and across the world.

What’s new in 2024

According to the organisers this year the festival will be better with new collaborations and it will be bigger than ever.

In collaboration with Reform Radio, Fat Out, and the historic Niamos Radical Arts & Centre, where soul legend Nina Simone performed back in 1991. Niamos Centre will introduce the fifth and the largest stage of the festival.

The surrounding streets of Hulme Community Garden Centre and Niamos Centre will be closed to add to the festival fun.

How to get your tickets

Tickets are now available for everyone. They start at £20 each. They can be found here.