Government U turn for EFL trial devastates fans hoping to get back onto the terraces

  • EFL trial of 1000 fans was to allow access to ten stadiums from 1st October
  • The rise in coronavirus cases has disrupted this trial and it will not go ahead

With the Covid R-rate declining in the past months it was time to slowly introduce routine into people’s lives. One of these was a trial for 1000 supporters to be allowed back into ten stadiums chosen at random across the English Football League clubs from 1 October.

However, in the past few weeks the rise in coronavirus cases has surged, resulting in reversing the steps announced in the progress of reaching some sort of normality in sport during the pandemic. 

Football, coronavirus, fans, EFL
Photo credit: Nigel Clibbens

The prospect of allowing supporters back into stadiums gave hope to fans who have been missing their weekly match date. But with the R rate increasing drastically there was no other option but to backtrack on the plans the EFL and the government planned to do. 

Steven, a local from Manchester was exceptionally pleased with the progress that was being made in the EFL, accepting fans to be allowed back in the atmosphere even though it was limited.

He said “It was finally getting to the stage of letting fans back where they belong. The trial brought me joy because if it was a success, other clubs would allow a reduced attendance into their grounds which would keep the lower league clubs in business”. Photo credit: 

Football, coronavirus, fans, EFL
Picture: Nigel Clibbens

Kieran from Salford said: “I was really looking forward to the trial going ahead, it was one step closer to me being able to go support my team”.

Following the administration of surrounding clubs such as Macclesfield Town, the delay in allowing fans back into stadiums could result in many more lower league clubs facing this outcome.