Santander Piccadilly Gardens

A good deed: £200 left at Santander ATM is reunited with student

  • French tourist finds £200 hanging out of a Santander ATM in Piccadilly Gardens
  • Police are handed the money which they return to owner
  • Good Samaritan praised by police

Finding money that you’ve left unattended in the street is often seen as a lost cause, but for one Manchester student a case of good humanity meant that he was soon reunited with his cash.

Cash to the total of £200 left by mistake a student at a Santander ATM has been reunited with him after a French tourist handed it in to the police.

Special constables were handed the cash while they were patrolling Piccadilly Gardens.

The money was returned to its rightful owner, who is a student at a university in Manchester.

Greater Manchester Police took to Twitter to celebrate the news.

Special Constable Taylor was patrolling when he was handed the cash.

He said: “We were on foot patrol in Piccadilly Gardens. We were just about to leave when we were approached by a man and his girlfriend. He told me he had the 200 pounds in his pocket that he had found hanging out of a cash machine. 

“We were just surprised because you don’t normally have people coming up to you handing you 200 pounds that they’ve just found in Piccadilly Gardens.”

Many responded to the tweet including some saying that this had ‘restored faith in humanity’.

A spokesperson for Santander said: “It is always good to hear of people doing the right thing.”

Picture credit: (Creative Commons)