GMP tackle Christmas robberies, arrest 27 in Operation Calibre

GMP intensified their actions to tackle Christmas robberies after arresting 27 people during the National week of Operation Calibre in Greater Manchester

GMP increased patrols in addition to the ‘You’ve-Been-Robbed’-cards issued to the public to nip Christmas robberies during the festive season. A total of 27 people were arrested in Greater Manchester during the National week of Operation Calibre.

Chief Superintendent Ian Jones, force lead for neighbourhood crime, said: “During this festive period, we have seen a rise in robbery, not only personal robbery but also business premises being targeted.

“It is important whilst you are out enjoying your Christmas shopping and festivities that you keep yourself and your friends safe.

“The police have also given out crime prevention weblinks: Protect your phone | Greater Manchester Police ( and to the public while enjoining them to be vigilant and hide their personal belongings from robbers as anyone could be a victim of robbery.”

Operation Calibre

Detailing Operation Calibre, Chief Superintendent Jones said: “Throughout the week, we have seen some really good results, but we want to be clear that our work does not stop here: we continue to focus heavily on robbery during the darker nights period and into the new year as this is where we see a rise in robberies. We have officers out and about in your communities, conducting highly visible patrols to deter potential offenders and reassure members of the public.”

The GMP’s reports, on request, reveal a significant reduction of up to 98.87% to crimes ranging from theft, shoplifting, person and business robberies, and residential burglary in December 2023 compared to December 2022.

Operation Calibre which was specifically initiated by the police in the UK to tackle personal robberies.  

National Week of Action to tackle Personal Robbery launched ( GMP tackle Christmas robberies, arrest 27 in Operation Calibre

Providing an update on the outcome of the arrests, GMP clarify that 29 arrests were made in the operation of which 17 have been released on bail for further investigation, 8 have been charged to court and 4 have no case.