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GMP Chief Constable reassures public following yesterday’s attack in London

  • The GMP's chief constable addressed the public following yesterday's potential terror attack in London
  • Ian Hopkins, the chief constable, assured the public that there's no suggestion of an imminent threat on Greater Manchester
  • Mr Hopkins also offered condolences to the families of those killed yesterday

Scotland Yard has confirmed that four people were killed in an attack on Westminster yesterday, including a police officer who was stabbed by the attacker, and two members of the pulbic.

The assailant, who was shot dead at the scene by police, rammed his car into pedestrians on Westminister Bridge before trying to make his way into Parliament 

GMP's chief constable Ian Hopkins spoke to the Greater Manchester public following the tragedy: “Our sympathies go out to all those affected by the serious events in London today."

The chief constable took the opportunity to reassure the public that there is no looming terrorist threat on Manchester:  “I want to assure the people of Greater Manchester that GMP and its partners will be reviewing all security in light of today’s incident.

“Although I think it is important to stress that there is no specific intelligence suggesting an imminent threat to Greater Manchester, we will continue to review our deployments and take all possible steps to keep people safe."

The chief made a call for public unity in the face of terror: "It is also incredibly important at times like this that communities come together and support each other. Should anyone have any concerns or see anything suspicious I would urge them to report it immediately."

The chief constable added: “I wish to extend the thoughts and sympathy of all at Greater Manchester Police to the families of the Metropolitan Officer and people murdered during the terrorist attack in London this afternoon.

“Police officers recognise the risks to themselves in undertaking their role to protect fellow citizens. Despite the knowledge of the risk we face, it is absolutely shocking when an officer carrying out their public duty is murdered in this way.

“Greater Manchester Police are reviewing with immediate effect officer deployments across the region whilst we find out more about today's attacks.”