Give a Dog a Home

Campaign promoting the adoption of dogs


If you ask a parent what is the one thing they see time and time again topping their child’s Christmas wish list they will most likely tell you that the scrawled bold letters often read DOG.

Longing for a pet dog is one thing that seems to defy most social groups and bring us all together.

But sadly the pet can turn out to be unwanted and end up in a dogs home looking for love.

At any given time there are around 100,000 dogs left abandoned in dog shelters or homeless. This results in an estimated 21 dogs euthanized every day across the UK.

It is time for a change, it is time for the public to start seeing adopting a dog as the way to go when choosing a pet.

In Manchester, there is no lack of options when choosing to adopt with multiple shelters and even Dog cafes as a means of finding the perfect dog for you. It’s still most common practice, however, for people to choose to purchase a dog from a breeder instead of adopting which, although a viable option, is adding to the growing issue of dog overpopulation.

This campaign aims to raise awareness to the number of dogs waiting to be adopted in shelters, and encourage the public to choose adoption over buying.

The public need to start adopting dogs looking for love.

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