General Election 2019: Greater Manchester in charts

  • Only Labour and Conservative parties won seats in Greater Manchester
  • A number of leave-voting constituencies in Labour heartlands will now be represented by a Tory MP
  • The lowest winning majority on the night was just 105 votes – a Conservative gain in Bury North

The Conservative party won its biggest majority in the UK parliament since 1987 in last week’s general election. Here in Greater Manchester, the Tories gained 4 seats from Labour and one from the independent candidate, Ivan Lewis (formerly a Labour MP). We’ve put together a series of interactive maps and charts to help explain how the political landscape in our region changed overnight.

This is how the seats won in the 2017 election flowed in the 2019 election.

We kept a close eye on leave-voting constituencies in Labour heartlands overnight. Here’s what happened.


This is how the parties shared the votes in each constituency.

Some MPs are now sitting on precariously small majorities, especially in the seats that turned blue overnight. The MP for Bury North, James Daly, will be defending a majority of just 105 votes at the next election – whenever that might be.