‘Funny Genius’ is given lifetime ticket to Warehouse Project after trying to gain entrance with one he forged!

  • Man tries to gain access to Warehouse Project with forged lifetime access pass
  • Attempt goes viral on Twitter after co-creator posts photo of the pass
  • Ellis Hall given real lifetime access pass by organisers who labelld him a 'genius'

A cheeky clubgoer who forged a lifetime pass to the Warehouse Project was given a real pass after club bosses labelled him a ‘funny genius’.

Ellis Hall chanced his luck when he had the idea to fake his very own ‘Lifetime Access Pass to WHP and Parklife.’

Impressed by Ellis’ effort, Sacha Lord got in contact and gave him a real ‘lifetime access pass, calling him a “funny genius”.

Ellis, from Darwen, told the Northern Quota what he plans to do with this much sought-after prize.


How did you go about forging the pass?

“Someone I know ended up volunteering at the WHP, as you get free access to any event. I figured that those working would not be fully briefed on what all the different access passes and tickets look like,” he said.

Ellis thought he would take his chances with the ticket checkers with a pass issued in 2017.

“As long as your confident and leave no space to ask questions,” he joked.

“Before I left, I thought at least it will probably end up on Twitter.”

The fake pass caused some confusion wqhen he presented it at the WHP and led to an employee asking if he was “the competition winner?”, something Ellis went along with.

He described the scene, his mates giggling behind as he walked away. When Ellis also began to laugh the man asked if he “was having him on.”

It was at this point that Ellis confessed.

He said: “I wasn’t too concerned. I had a ticket for the event anyway, I just thought why not? It would make the night that much better if, you know, I got in with this pass.”

When asked what he planned to do with his ticket Ellis laughed, saying “this was the last WHP he was going to go to before the event”.


As a DJ himself Ellis now goes by the stage name of Lil Scoundrel after Lord Sacha’s tweet. He plans to use this pass to help network and make better connections within the industry.

“I’ve already got some sessions booked off the back of this,” he said.

He describe the strangeness of his newfound fame: “Darwen is a small town. I’m getting a little bored of all the ‘you’re famous’ comments, and the ‘are you going to quit your job now?’ jokes. It’s not like I’ve won the lottery.”