From iconic to arson; The Midland Hotel in flames

  • The midland hotel on fire
  • 22 year old man has been charged
  • There were no injuries reported form the incident

On Tuesday this week, The Midland Hotel caught fire. Today, a man has been charged with arson being reckless to endanger life and remains in custody.

The 22 year old appeared in court today where a connection of the fire at The Royal Exchange in was made.

The fire started just before 4am Tuesday morning. There are currently no reported injuries

Firefighters were at the scene for roughly two hours with five fire engines at the scene.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue service have said “Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus used one hose reel to quickly extinguish the fire”

The side entrance to the hotel was the main area to catch fire and is now guarded with police tape and is considered a crime scene. The hotel still remains open.

About the hotel

The hotel is known for its award winning food and luxury hotel rooms.

It also holds the graduation opening for Manchester Metropolitan University every year.

The hotel was built in 1909 and cost over £1 million. It was then sold in 2017 for £116 million.

The 4-star hotel is famous because the doorman once refused entry to The Beatles for being underdressed and was originally built to accommodate travellers from London. It was originally known as the ‘Crowne Plaza Manchester’ until the Paramount group bought it.

Since the incident, staff at The Midland Hotel have declined to comment on the situation.