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Football fans speak out: Reds have the blues, while the Blues are smiling

  • The Northern Quota spoke to fans of the city’s two Premier League clubs to find out how they think their respective seasons are panning out so far

Fortunes have been decidedly mixed for Manchester’s two footy clubs this season. Reports of unsettled players and training ground bust-ups have left United fans fearing the worst, while on the back of a multi-record-breaking season City are among the frontrunners once again..  

Manchester United fan Michael Wilson, a 45-year-old Salford resident, told the Northern Quota: “It’s not going very well. I think the issues are with the manager and I think there is unhappiness in the squad. No one is feeling settled. Obviously when you see the manager and he’s always got a miserable look on his face it hardly inspires.”  

He admitted: 

Personally I don’t think he was a good choice for Man United anyway. 

Fellow United fan Thijan Hydara, from Hulme, agreed: “I just think the team is playing shocking. Everything about it is just not United. I’d just get rid of José first of all. He’s just killing the whole thing.” 

He had some strong words for the players however, saying: “There’s not even really a player that’s standing out right now for United. They haven’t got no heart to be honest. There’s no one there who wants to carry the team.” 

But City fans remain optimistic.  

Anderson Piers, a 31-year-old cleaner from Gorton said: “It’s going good. Not as good I was hoping but it’s going good. For me, now, the best team in the Premier league are Liverpool. 

“[Kevin] De Bruyne being out has affected the team, you can see that. But it’s okay. We cannot depend on one player to play well.”  

Chef Hovsep Srabonian, 37, from Hulme, was more upbeat: “Last season was incredible, best season in English football history so to even come close to that would be amazing. In the league so far, brilliant. Champions League was a shock result.  

I don’t think there’s anything to worry about. Confidence is there. Quality is there. Really happy.

“I think there’s always at least one or two teams that push for the title with City these days. It’s early days but Liverpool look the best attacking team and Chelsea are up there as well. Everything’s close, it’s really early.”