Five-year-old girl wins trophy for helping her canine friends to stay hydrated on their walks

  • Young girl notices dogs needing water on canal during hot days
  • Starts leaving bowls of water and treats for dogs and their owners passing by 
  • Owners thank her and she wins an award for her help 

A five-year-old girl has been helping dogs and their owners in Romiley by leaving them goodies on the canal for the past years. 

For her efforts, Megan was  rewarded with a Kind To Dogs award from one dog owner, which was left where she usually leaves the treats. 

The Kind To Dogs Award 

She was noticed last year by Tom Evans, a dog walker, who tried to find out who this girl was to be able to thank her. 

Since her story was publicised in the media she has been noticed by other dog walkers, which led to the award. 

Dena Carter, Megan’s mother, said: “It all started when she saw a man carrying his dog on a hot day and asked me what was wrong? I explained it was too hot and the dog probably needs a drink. When we got home she used a cereal bowl and put water down.

“From that day she has met a lot of dog friends. A special one is Elvis, a German shepherd, and a husky called Nook whose owner went to the papers to find Megan, which he did and they met up to say thank you. Today a lady left a present for her, a little trophy.

“She gets lots of thank you letters which she keeps! And lots of dog friends.”

Megan with one of her canine friends 

Megan leaves bowls of water and bags of treats with notes on them for the owners. 

The dog bowl and note left by Megan 

In the Manchester Evening News article, Mr Evans also said: “It left me with a lump in my throat and I’m a big, burly bloke.”

Megan is continuing to leave her canine friends treats alongside the Peak Forest canal.