First year Man Met interior design students showcase their talents

  • MMU interior design students display end-of-year project
  • Design brief to recreate MMU Geoffrey Manton building 

First year Man Met interior design students were given the opportunity to showcase their talent  in their ‘UNIT X’ final project.

The students had six weeks to come up with a scheme to redesign one of Manchester Metropolitan’s buildings, Geoffrey Manton, to address the issues the building has.

This involved creating banners, visuals and a model representation of how they wanted the building to take form.

The exhibition named Atrium Reimagined showed the first years’ take on what alterations could be made to the building to make it more welcoming.

Student Henry Dashwood , 20, said: “We wanted to create somewhere with more inclusive seating, a place where students and staff can enjoy the space more.”

Erindale Woodford, 23, another member of the group, said: “It was really important that we portray a sense of ownership. At the moment Geoffrey Manton doesn’t have an identity compared to other buildings at the university.

“The building from a certain perspective is just about getting in and out. We named our project, Dwell, so people can work in the space, enjoy the space and dwell in it rather than leave.”

Students were told to address various design problems within Geoffrey Manton such as temperature and installation of the build.

As well producing new designs, students also had to pitch their final product to professionals and academics.

Architect Shappard Robson, who designed the Geoffrey Manton building, came to watch the pitches. Ideas pitched by the students could potentially be incorporated into any future remodelling of Geoffrey Manton.