Festivals to introduce deposit scheme

  • Creamfields and Parklife festival are introducing a deposit scheme making the ticket payment process for festivalgoers that little bit easier

Initially requiring a small deposit of £20 for Creamfields and £37.40 for Parklife. The rest of the payments are divided across the months leading up to the festival, the monthly cost depending on what ticket you purchased. Both festivals have day and weekend tickets on offer.

This is the first time both festivals have introduced such a wide deposit scheme, they usually require full payment upfront or at least break the payment in half, but never before have they been this accommodating for ticket buyers.

From my own experience, there are usually tickets still available to buy from official ticket sellers such as Ticketmaster, days before the festival commences. Giving late ticket buyers opportunity to pick their tickets up directly at the festival gates. Perhaps festival planners are hoping the deposit schemes will bring them a sell out weekend.

Checking up on both festival websites, it is clear Parklife only had deposit scheme tickets on offer until 23:59, Wednesday 22ND February. Whereas Creamfields are allowing ticket buyers to opt for the deposit scheme up until the end of March, when the first instalment is due.

The official Parklife Facebook page announced the deposit scheme ticket offer were coming to a close on 21st February, just 24 hours prior and it sparked some controversy amongst ticket buyers. Many claiming it were ridiculous the festival finish the deposit scheme offer so close to payday weekend.

Facebook user Nicky Craig commented: “They should extend it until the end of the week, which is payday for most.”

His comment received 16 further supportive likes, making it the top comment on the post, meaning it is visible for everyone to see amongst the hundreds of other comments posted. Proving other festival goers had the same thought in mind.

Speaking to active festivalgoer, Dominic Sweeney, 21, an Edge Hill University graduate, stated that he is also attending Glastonbury Festival as well as Creamfields and Parklife: “The deposit scheme is such a good idea. It saves you making a lump sum payment in one month because usually, tickets for both festivals go on sale within a few weeks of each other.

"I’ve noticed a lot of people posting about it on social media, it’s been quite a hit. I bet they’ll continue to do this now for following years.”

The deposit scheme has obviously worked in favour for both festivals. With Creamfields official Facebook page announcing their two-day camping tickets sold out the fastest they have in 20 years.

Unfortunately, Parklife deposit scheme tickets are no longer available but you can still grab one for Creamfields by heading to the official Creamfields website.