The Feed Without Fear Campaign Launches- Let’s End The Stigma Surrounding Public Breastfeeding

•According to research conducted by Swansea University, 40% of new mothers who stop breastfeeding at six weeks cite being judged and shamed as one of the main reasons 
•UNICEF revealed that the UK has one of the lowest rates for breastfeeding in the world – with only 34% of babies receiving breast milk 
•Launched by NQ reporter Jazzmine Pickles, the #FeedWithoutFearcampaign aims to end the stigma that surrounds breastfeeding in public

Breasts … we all know what they are. We see them on a daily basis, whether on TV or plastered across billboards and magazines. We love them. They are empowering, sexy, adored. Yet why is it that when we use them to feed our children they suddenly become, as some people say, disgusting, inappropriate and “in your face”? 

It is astonishing that in 2018 women feel pressured to cover themselves up thanks to society’s negative perception of breastfeeding; that new mothers feel embarrassed and judged for doing the most natural thing in the world.

The sexualisation of breasts is something that many members of the public struggle to get beyond. Unfortunately, as a result of this, countless women around the world are now dealing with the stigma that surrounds public breastfeeding. 

The Feed Without Fear campaign aims to challenge the negative attitude many people have towards breastfeeding, to educate people about the positive impacts of breastmilk, and support mums everywhere.

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