Feed our Learning campaign launched to secure free school meals for all pupils in Manchester primary schools

  • Poor nutrition in children linked to lack of concentration in class
  • Led by NQ reporter Jared Musson, campaign aims to provide all Manchester primary school pupils with free meal

Feed our Learning is a campaign aiming to provide all pupils across Manchester Primary Schools free meals at lunch time. In the current situation most schools offer free meals for pupils in reception, year one and year two. We want to continue this on to year three, four, five and six pupils. This will help to keep all school attendees concentrated throughout the day and help them to take in the information they’re being taught with more ease.

Concentration is key to success in the classroom and that’s why we believe that booting the money from meals at school is the way to allow young pupils to excel within their learning.

Politician Nick Clegg made accurate points while on an election campaign in 2015, stating that, “I’ve seen some schools where kids turn up with a fizzy drink and a slice of white bread with chocolate paste on it.”
“If you give that to a four or five-year-old, don’t be surprised if they can’t concentrate very well by the end of the school day”.

You can find more on what Nick Clegg had to say here.

These points are still valid as of today. Sure, most children can still turn up to school with a packed lunch but if the correct nutrition isn’t being consumed by young pupils then concentration levels are likely to drop in the classroom.

We have reached out to Nick Clegg for further comment.

This can be stopped by making sure that children are provided with meals that are going to give them the correct nutrients. By making the meals free, parents would more than likely welcome a free meal for their child each school day because, not only would it be saving them money, but it would also be making sure the children are eating the right kinds of food throughout the day.

An article by Carer Gateway, which focuses on healthy eating for young people, points out the key connections between healthy eating and concentration, “eating well is important for your health and wellbeing. Apart from giving you strength and stamina, it helps with concentration, performance and feeling good. It also helps you stay in shape and reduces your risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease”.

The health of the city’s young school pupils is extremely important and that’s why we must stand together to make a change.

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