Faulty Metrolink ticket machines leave commuters angry and cause delays

  • Customers vent fury on Twitter
  • People late for work beause of fault with ticket machines

Commuters were left furiosu after the machines used to purchase tickets are reportedly faulty.

Metrolink customers have taken to Twitter to air their grievances to Metrolink, after a tweet was sent  morning regarding issues with the card machine systems.

Some even just gave up and apparently boarded without a ticket.

Many were late for work or  had their card charged despite not receiving a printed ticket from the faulty machines.

Commuters say the Metrolink app for your phone ‘get me there’ should be more flexible and offer single and return tickets rather than just travel-cards to cut delays and avoid card machine issues for regular commuters.

Metrolink via Twitter responded to complaints by asking comuters to ‘Please contact Customer Services on 0161 205 2000’ and continued to keep people updated via its twitter account.