Exploring Manchester: a journey through the thrills and spills of public transport

Publicly controlled transportation systems in Manchester can be compared to a lifeline. It connects the city’s dynamic neighborhoods in the middle of its ever-bubbling metropolis flavoured with a rich dynamic cultural legacy.

The daily journey is more than just a routine but a beautiful adventure to behold. The fast-moving trams that zip through the city makes movement timely and convenient. The colourful buses that travel on the urban landscape makes it an exciting experience indeed.

Before the creation of Greater Manchester’s new public transport system in September 2023, Buses in Greater Manchester were operated by multiple private bus companies including large companies, such as: First Bus, Stagecoach and Arriva, and smaller companies. These private bus operators were responsible for deciding routes, setting fares, the frequency of the service and when the service will run.

Greater Manchester has enabled the introduction of the new AnyBus + tram ticket that makes travel 20 per cent cheaper. It is these measures collectively that seek to address the decline in bus use and help Greater Manchester meet ambitions to increase the number of journeys made using public transport and active travel by one million a day by 2040.

Transport Commissioner for Greater Manchester, Vernon Everitt, said: “The return of locally controlled bus services provides the platform for transformation of public transport and active travel in the region. It’s the path to safe, reliable and affordable transport for everyone, growing in a sustainable way Greater Manchester’s economy and productivity and access to new jobs, homes and opportunity.

“With bus franchising enabling so many more journeys to be taken by public transport, I am looking forward to continuing to work with local authorities, stakeholders and partners to improve active travel facilities that serve the whole network.”

The efficient and accessible public transport by Manchester has influenced the perception of tourist and residents have about the city. This reveals a lot about the dynamic world of publicly controlled transport, uncovering the thrills of a smooth connectivity.

The decline in bus services and passenger volume nationwide has been reversed with the establishment of locally-controlled bus services. This is the first of its kind in England with regards to bus deregulation.

In the past three months, there’s been a remarkable increase in the use of public buses as they are reasonably priced and truly “meet local users’ needs with passengers being able to rate their journey. Affordable area-wide fares, simple ticketing, a coordinated timetable combined with a range of other customer-related performance targets will be used to inform what operators get paid.

Manchester’s public transport system isn’t merely a means of getting from point A to B; it’s a journey filled with thrills as well as its drills; from the anticipation of the tram’s arrival to the sense of the community’s dependence on the diverse routes of the bus.

Praise Moses, Student said “Commuting with public transportation is a delight especially with the all-day plan where you can tour round the city on any bus with just £5.”

Briggs Ken, Warehouse Operator “The buses are lovely and very attractive but some routes are overcrowded. The bus gets full before you even flag it down and you will see the sign on the bus “Sorry, Bus is full”,

Another commuter who chose to be anonymous said, “Some routes experience consistent delays. The bus operators should provide real time information about delays or route changes. You don’t want to come out in a freezing weather just to be kept out waiting for a bus”.

Adegoke added that, “I love taking the buses in the morning but just manage at the close of day because some buses are so filthy with stuffs littered everywhere by passengers. Some form of cleaning should be done after every drop off, I mean when the last person drops off before starting another route”

The publicly controlled transport services provides a vibrant integrated urban environment offering a dynamic and well connected city experience.