Exclusive: fault with Transpennine Express Trains means passengers ‘have to prise open doors’

  • Passengers express concern at fault with doors on Transpennine Express Trains
  • Train company claims trains are safe 


Transpennine Express has claimed its trains are safe to operate after a Northern Quota investigation found passengers and staff had to prise open doors to enter and exit trains due to a fault on trains.

train door
A member of Transpennine Express staff prises open door to allow passengers to get off

The trains are used across their network including from Manchester Picadilly. The releveation came to light after the Northern Quota expereienced the fault multiple times when using the service.

The number of trains affected by the fault is unknown but there are concerns it could be widespread as it has occured on multiple doors on several trains. We contatced Transpennine Express, a spokeperson said: “We are aware our Class 185 trains have experienced a technical fault that sometimes means the doors need to be manually opened.

“Despite this, our trains are still able to operate safely and we expect the work being done by our engineering team will resolve the problem.”

This news comes as ealier this week the release of the company’s new Nova 3 train was delayed as a fault was disovered with the train’s breaks.

A spokesperson for the Office of Rail and Road, the independent regulator holding train companies to account for health and saftey issues said: “We are aware of the issue and have received a time-bound action plan from TPE (Transpennine Express) to rectify the problem.”

The Northern Quota spoke to passengers who use the Transpennine Express Service for their thoughts.

Passenger - Geoff France
Passenger Geoff France

Geoff France, 73, travelled to Manchester on the Transpennie Express service from Huddlesfield. He did not feel it was appropiate for the company to use trains that did not work properly. 

He said: “They may say it was safe but I would not like to risk it in an emergency.”

Passenger - Edd Holton
Passenger Edd Holton

Edd Holton, 37, who was about to get on a Transpennie Express service, said “it doesn’t look safe” after looking at the picture of the faulty door and said: “They wouldn’t use a plane if the door did not work, so why a train?”

Polly and Richard
Passengers Polly and Richard

Polly and Richard had just landed and were about to set off on a Transpennie Express service. They questioned whether the doors were incorrectly designed if it was an issue affecting multiple carriages.

Transpennine Express is a part of the First Group which has other contracts in public transport inlcuding Great Western Railway and bus services across the Northwest.