‘Enough is Enough’: Britain is broken, say protest organisers

The People’s Assembly has called for a demonstration against the government who they say are attacking the ordinary people of Britain.

The event takes place on 5th November with coaches picking up members at 7am outside the National Express coach station on Chorley Street.

They aim to arrive into London at 12pm and take part in the nationwide ‘Enough is Enough’ campaing.


The People’s Assembly is a coalition of trade unions and activist groups that was founded to fight against the austerity agenda implemented by the government.

Chris Neville, chair of Manchester’s People Assembly, said: “Most people saw the mini-budget for exactly what it was – a scam to further enrich the already wealthy off the back of the rest of us by giving tax breaks to high earners and corporations. It was regarded as too extreme even by Tory standards.

“And it came after years of cutting and privatising  public services which has always been about sending our money straight to those at the top. Now we’ve got another unelected Prime Minister who has cut back even on the insufficient promise to cap average energy bills at £2,500 for two years.

“We will be using this demonstration to call for a general election now among other demands.

” Look at the railways where the Rail, Maritime and Transport workers (RMT) union is fighting to save thousands of jobs and the government won’t reverse that decision. Now we’ve got a big city banker in charge, with no mandate from the people of this country already talking about ‘tough choices’.

“There won’t be tough choices for the super-rich who keep seeing their wealth increase, it will be all of us paying with cuts to education, the NHS and other public services. They are attacking our right to protest and taking away our rights to strike so we need to get out there and show that we aren’t going to take it anymore.”