Ellesmere Park u10s looking for sponsors before season kicks off

  • Recently established local football team, Ellesmere Park FC, is looking for sponsors for its newest under 10s team
  • The club was set up by locals who wanted to provide the local youth with a place to play football

Ellesmere Park FC is turning to the public to find sponsors for their under 10s team. 

The local football team, based in Ellesmere park, Manchester, was established from the ashes of the old Ellesmere Park in 2011, and has recently established its newest youth team, in the U10s age group. It is the U10s who are most in need of sponsorship before their season kicks off in September. 

The youth team has been set up by locals who used to play in the old Ellesmere Park team and want to help local kids get involved in sport, like they did as children. 

Ian Cox, Alan and Martin Mia all played together from the age of 8 for Ellesmere park before the club collapsed.

(from left to right) Martin Mia, Alan Mia (me) & Ian Cox
The co-founders of Ellesmere Park FC as children
(from left to right) Martin Mia, Alan Mia & Ian Cox

Martin, one of the co-founders of newly re-established Ellesmere Park FC, told me why he and his childhood friends decided to start a local kids football team: "Everyone involved in this project used to play for the old Ellesmere Park, so that's where the idea came from. 

"We want to help local kids build that long-lasting bond we have after playing together in a football team as kids. It's such a strong bond that we all have, and it started from when we played as kids.

"You can see the community disappearing, so we're trying to bring that back while providing something to keep the kids off the street."


Martin explained how there used to be an abundance of football pitches in the area for kids to play on, but have now been sold off: "There used to be five or six different pitches that the local children could play on. Now there's only this one spot left.

"It's a race against time to get the team fully going, financed and sponsored. We've been in contact with local councillors but it might be out their hands. The land we want to make our home ground is co-owned between private owners and the council, so it may be built on if it's not being 'properly used'."

The team are looking for sponsorship for their U10s team before the youth league starts in September, needing kits and equipment (such as balls, nets, cones, etc).

Anybody interested in sponsoring Ellesmere Park FC should get in contact by emailing Alan Mia at [email protected] or 07767881268, and Martin Mia at [email protected] or 07527876496. Or on their official Facebook.