Election results ward by ward 2016

Full list of results from Manchester's local elections ward by ward

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Ancoats and Clayton Ardwick Baguley Bradford Brooklands Burnage Charlestown Cheetham Chorlton Chorlton Park City Centre Crumpsall Didsbury East Didsbury West Fallowfield Gorton North Gorton South Harpurhey Higher Blackley Hulme Levenshulme Longsight Miles Platting and Newton Heath Moss Side Moston Northenden Old Moat Rusholme Sharston Whalley Range Woodhouse Park Withington


Results for Ancoats and Clayton:

Independent: Ken Dobson 948

Conservative: Denis Kostyan 164

Labour: Ollie Manco 1864

Green Party: Steffeny McGiffen 322

Lib Dems Chris Wilkinson 130

Turnout: 26%


Results for Ardwick:

Conservative: Akbar Arif 185

Lib Dems: Charles Gadsden 79

Labour: Tarjuah Hewitson 2086

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition: John Neill 73

Green Party: Kara Ng 156

Turnout: 26%


Results for Baguley:

Conservative: Ralph Ellerton 400

Green Party: Bonnie Mercer 154

Labour: Luke Raikes 1579

Official Monster Raving Loony Party: Lord Cameron of Roundwood 91

Liberal Democrats: Phil Stubbs 86

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition: Lynn Worthington

Turnout: 22%


Results for Bradford:

Conservative: Michael Barnes 249

Christian Democrat Party for a Consensus: Jonathon Cox 57

Green Party: Rachel Harper 283

Liberal Democrats: Gary McKenna 105

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition: Alexander Powell 75

Labour Party: Emma Taylor 2121

Turnout 24%


Results for Brooklands:

UK Independence Party (UKIP): Pat Bebby 544

Labour Party: Glynn Evans 738

Liberal Democrats: Andrew McGuinness 145

Conservative: Stephen Woods 504

Turnout: 28%


Results for Burnage:

Labour Party: Bev Craig 2291

Green Party: Sam Darby 339

UK Independence Party (UKIP): Liam Evans 460

Conservative: Shahed Hossain 46

Liberal Democrats: Maria TheresaTurner 489

Turnout: 33%


Results for Charlestown:

UK Independence Party (UKIP): Neil Griffiths 770

Green Party: Astrid Johnson 92

Liberal Democrats: Charles Turner 77

Conservative : Nicholas St John Savage 204

Labour: Hannah Priest 1671

Turnout: 24%


Results for Cheetham

Labour: Shaukat Ali 3495

Conservative: Peter Schofield 318

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition: Catherine Spencer 112

Green Party: Dave Taylor 225

Lib Dems: Arthur Whittall 121

Turnout: 29%


Results for Chorlton Park

Conservative: Luke Costello 172

Liberal Democrats: Norman Lewis 1950

Labour Party: Joanna Midgley 2564

Green Party: Hannah Richmond 412

Turnout: 45%


Results for Chorlton

Conservative: Colm Lock 225

Labour Party: Sheila Newman 3296

Liberal Democrats: Ludo Tolhurst-Cleaver 719

Green Party: Nigel Woodcock 778

Turnout: 47%


Results for City Centre

Liberal Democrats: John Bridges 403

Labour Party: Joan Davies 1410

Conservative: Paul Wan 365

Turnout 22%


Results for Crumpsall

Conservative: Sarah Ajiboye 288

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition: Martin Conway 44

Liberal Democrats: Iain Donaldson 75

Labour Party: Richard Leese 2704

Green Party: Penny Miller-Swann 151

UK Independence Party (UKIP): Bob Willescroft 375

Turnout 33%

Results for Didsbury East

UK Independence Party (UKIP): Mark Davies 236

Liberal Democrats: Dominic Hardwick 1281

Green Party: Wendy Ann Lynas 316

Conservative: Robert Manning 305

Labour Party: Kelly Simcock 2484

Turnout 44%

Results for Didsbury West

Conservative: Max Dowling 161

UK Independence Party (UKIP): Robert Gutfreund-Walmsley 69

Labour Party: Barnaby Lane 1593

Liberal Democrats: John Leech 2295

Green Party: Arnold Spencer 244

Turnout 44%

Results for Fallowfield

Labour Party: Zahra Alijah 1932

Green Party: Laura Bannister 408

Conservative: Luke Dyks 197

Liberal Democrats: Christopher Jones 125

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition: Aidan Matthews 53

Turnout 25%

Results for Gorton North

UK Independence Party (UKIP): Katie Fanning 628

Liberal Democrats: Andrew Hickey 194

Labour Party: Afia Kamal 1743

Conservative: Phelim Rowe 161

Green Party: Karl Wardlaw 131

Turnout 27%

Results for Gorton South

Liberal Democrats: Sarah Brown 246

Independent: Martin Burke 80

Independence Party (UKIP): Bob Catterall 481

Green Party: Melvyn Newton 239

Conservative: Tmo Opesan 141

Labour Party: Bernard Stone 2792

Turnout 31%

Results for Harpurhey

Green Party: Mary Candeland 132

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition: Emma Clark 42

UK Independence Party (UKIP): Mandy Howard 552

Liberal Democrats: Rodney Isherwood 102

Labour Party: Patrick Karney 1791

Conservative: Alexandru Stancu 166

Turnout 23%

Results for Higher Blackley

Labour Party: Shelley Lanchbury 1569

Liberal Democrats: Peter Matthews 115

Green Party: Anne Power 104

UK Independence Party (UKIP): Martin Power 691

Conservative: Barney Watson 202

Turnout 25%

Results for Hulme

Liberal Democrats: Hannah Gee 184

Labour Party: Amina Lone 1726

Green Party: Deyika Nzeribe 515

Conservative: Kevin O'Neill 162

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition: Martin Shaw 56

Turnout 25%

Results for Levenshulme

Liberal Democrats: Liaqat Ali 286

Labour Party: Nasrin Ali 2066

Independent: Mark Breeze 470

Conservative: Calum Davies 164

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition: Joe Mcardle 40

Green Party: Dick Venes 764

Turnout 35%

Results for Longsight

Liberal Democrats: Timothy Crump 140

Conservative: Anjenarra Huque 254

Independent: Raees Khan 134

Green Party: Vicky Matthews 219

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition: Mercedes Caccia Mesorio 24

Labour Party: Luthfur Rahman 2897

Turnout 36%

Results for Miles Platting and Newton Heath

Labour Party: Carmine Grimshaw 1938

Conservative: Harry Kagkouras 193

Liberal Democrats: Richard Kilpatrick 116

Green Party: Isobel Patience 134

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition: Bridget Taylor 88

Turnout 24%

Results for Moss Side

Conservative: Aden Hassan 309

Liberal Democrats: Annie Jackson 267

Labour Party: Mahadi Mahamed 2869

Green Party: Muhammad Shahzad 415

Turnout 29%

Results for Moston

UK Independence Party (UKIP): Phil Eckersley 899

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition: Jack Metcalf 33

Labour Party: Carl Ollerhead 1899

Liberal Democrats: Dave Page 102

Green Party: Eithne Quinn 188

Conservative: Hector Williams 301

Turnout 30%

Results for Northenden

Official Monster Raving Loony Party: Johnny Disco 109

Green Party: Simon Gray 308

Conservative: Fiona Green 541

Labour Party: Mary Monaghan 2003

Liberal Democrats: Pablo O'Hana 166

Turnout 28%

Results for Old Moat

Labour Party: Andrew Fender 2244

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition: Jane Lee 63

Liberal Democrats: April Preston 561

Green Party: Nathan Rae 329

Conservative Party: Jeanmiguel Uva 138

Turnout 32%

Results for Rusholme

Labour Party: Ahmed Ali 2346

Liberal Democrats: Abu Chowdhury 195

Conservative: Archie Galbraith 166

Green Party: Rob Jones 415

Turnout 31%

Results for Sharston

Official Monster Raving Loony Party: Silly Sir Oink A-Lot 92

Green Party: Sylvia Buchan 561

UK Independence Party (UKIP): Bob Burke 12

Communist League Election Campaign: Peter Clifford 23

Labour Party: Tommy Judge 1645

Conservative and Unionist Party: Jagdeep Mehat 227

Liberal Democrats: Bernie Ryan 100

Turnout 23%

Results for Whalley Range

Liberal Democrats: Rhona Brown 169

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition: Liam Curless 45

Green Party: Ben Godfrey 1321

Conservative: David Semple 223

Labour Party: Angeliki Stogia 3019

Turnout 44%

Results for Withington

Green Party: Lucy Bannister 370

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition: Zoe Brunswick 36

Conservative: Shaden Jaradat 113

Liberal Democrats: Simon Wheale 844

Labour and Co-operative Party: Chris Wills 1683

Turnout 31%

Results for Woodhouse Park

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition: Laurie Joseph Carefoot 63

Conservative and Unionist Party: Eric Houghton 231

Liberal Democrats: Martha O'Donoghue 54

Labour Party: Brian O'Neil 1548

UK Independence Party (UKIP): Tony Welch 373

Turnout 22%