Eccles carers who mocked elderly woman with dementia back at work for care company

  • A video posted to Facebook shows two carers mocking an elderly patient’s speech
  • The video has been viewed nearly 3,000 times with many calling for the carers to lose their jobs
  • Carers were suspended after the incident

An elderly woman’s carers have been allowed to return to work after an online video showed them mocking the way she spoke.

The footage, which has amassed nearly 3,000 views on Facebook, has left people ‘disgusted’ at the way 76-year-old Margaret Booth was spoken to.

In the video, two carers from Meridian Health and Social Care can be heard making ‘blah blah blah’ noises when Mrs Booth struggles to answer them.

One carer later asks her why she is ‘wittering’ on, shortly after which Mrs Booth leaves the room.

Mrs Booth suffers from mixed dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, meaning she sometimes struggles to finish her sentences.

She has received home care for the past two years as she has difficulty completing tasks such as cooking for herself.

After a fall in the bathroom 18 months ago, her family had interior cameras installed and her carers informed.

Mrs Booth struggles completing tasks due to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

Mrs Booth’s son, Duncan Rimmer, was made aware of the incident with the carers after his “fuming” sister alerted him to the footage.

He said: “I had a look and I was obviously disgusted. We complained and said we want this investigated.

“The next thing I heard was that they’d been suspended.”

Mr Rimmer said that on the day of the incident Mrs Booth had already eaten and was trying to explain this to her carers before being mocked.

Both carers in the video were suspended a couple of days after the incident on 2 February.

Mr Rimmer was told on 17 February that they have since returned to work.


He was given a verbal apology but says he has yet to receive a written apology from Meridian.

Meridian Health and Social Care has a ‘Good’ Care Quality Commission (CQC) rating and specialise in dementia care.

Mr Rimmer said his mother is okay, but added: “In one way, it’s lucky that she forgets.”

Meridian Health and Social Care told NQ: “We were shocked to learn of the behaviour of two of our team members, which was not in line with the values we stand for, and the high standards of care we expect, as an organisation.

“As soon as concerns were raised, we suspended both carers immediately.

“We launched a full investigation, including raising safeguarding concerns with the local council, and working with colleagues and clients to understand the circumstances in full and take appropriate action.

“Both carers now fully understand, and are deeply apologetic for, their actions.

“As part of our disciplinary procedure, they have been required to undertake a full course of stringent training, including refreshed dementia-specific training to ensure that this type of behaviour is not repeated.”