#EatLocalMCR: Encouraging the people of Manchester to support independent restaurants

Campaign launched to support the local restaurants of Manchester

Aims to give a platform to restaurants offering locally sourced food and are giving back to the community

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Today we are proud to launch #EatLocalMCR, a campaign that aims to encourage the people of Manchester to support local, independent restaurants.

Manchester is quickly becoming one of the foodie capitals of the country, offering unique styles of cuisine from every part of the world. In the last five years more than 200 restaurants have opened in Manchester, according to the Office of National Statistics. However with an influx of chain restaurants emerging, hard-working independent business owners need the support from their fellow Mancunians now more than ever.

Because of  economic difficulties and growing competition from corporate investment, two restaurants in the UK close their doors for the last time every week. Our goal is to show you the incredible locally-sourced choices available when looking for food in Manchester at surprisingly competitive prices.

We believe it is important for each other to support the local economy, keeping funding for those who care about serving our community the most.

Stay tuned to our blog where you’ll be introduced to the people behind Manchester’s most exciting food experiences.

Also stick around for our discussion with a new restaurant owner used he used their restaurant as an opportunity to give back to the homeless people of Manchester.

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