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nitrous oxide cannisters
29th Jan
'Hippy crack' continues to flood Manchester’s streets as stores and online services sell them under the guise of whipped cream chargers. The...
7th Dec
A panel set up to examine the problem of drugs says that making drugs illegal only benefits criminals. The Taking Drugs Seriously panel ...
20th Nov
#TOXICGHB is a campaign by the Northern Quota raising awareness of the dangers of the drug GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyrate). We want to change the...
Liberty Cap Mushroom Magic Drugs
28th Oct
Depression is complicated. And the laws around which medicines we can have access to help combat our mental health problems even more so. What if...
MDMA in powder form
22nd Jan
Three teenagers are in hospital after taking dangerous pills last week. The teenagers, from Bury, took the pills which they thought were the...
Spice drug
11th Apr
7 April  9 April Spice, the once legal alternative to cannabis, is now plaguing the city of Manchester.  Greater Manchester Police have...
1kg of Spice seized in Rochdale
19th Mar
Officers in Rochdale seized over a kilogram of Spice on Friday after executing a warrant at two properties in the Spotland area as part of a...
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