Doraemon Story of Seasons releases today on Nintendo Switch and PC

  • Doraemon Story of Season releases today on Nintendo Switch and PC
  • It costs £34.99 on Steam and £44.99 on the Nintendo eShop

The unexpected crossover title Doraemon Story of Seasons just released earlier today on Nintendo Switch and PC.

The game is a farming simulator featuring Doraemon characters, where you cultivate your own farm, plant and harvest crops, feed your animals, explore and hunt for bugs among other activities.

It’s the third game in the Story of Seasons series, which was formerly known in english speaking territories as Harvest Moon.

It’s important to note that the newest Harvest Moon games are not developed by the original developers, Marvelous Inc., so if you’re a fan of the previous Harvest Moon games, Story of Seasons is the series to stick with.

It’s also the very first game in the popular Doraemon franchise to escape it’s Japan exclusivity, allowing english speaking Doraemon fans to enjoy the newest entry in the series.