Doki Doki: Manchester’s Japanese Festival

  • Watch below for our full report on last weekend's (12 November) Japanese Festival 

Japanese culture is widely spread in Manchester.

Last weekend, 12 November, Sudgen Sport Centre hosted the “Doki Doki” Manchester Japanese festival. The main event was followed by an after party at the Footage.

The main goal of the event was to support “Aid for Japan” the charity which is taking care of the orphans after Tahoku disaster from 2011.

Huge crowds gathered to participate in the Japanese-themed event. There were talks, demonstrations and panels to entertain, with competitions, workshops, games, Asian-art, live performances and martial arts of all kind to immerse the visitors in Japanese culture.

Traditional food had its own special corner where sushi, cakes, tea and Japanese bread took their place. Among this diversity of events, there was a fashion show, a kimono demonstration, anime music and dance.