Denton man uses his martial arts training to fend off mugger in Stockport car park

  • Denton man Philip Craven defended himself against mugger who attacked him outside his work
  • Used gracie jiu-jitsu technique to fend off attacker
  • Now an ambassador for the centre and his trainer is incredibly proud of him

A marital arts enthusiast used his self-defence skills to fend off an attacker during an attempted mugging. 

Philip Craven, 35, practices the gracie jiu-jitsu technique and had to call upon the martial art when he was grabbed round the throat in  James Street Car Park in Stockport .

The Sky broadband advisor said: “I was getting out of my car and went around to the passenger seat to get my bag out and someone grabbed me from behind.

“I then used the technique we literally learned the night before. Grabbing his arm and backing out from my car and stood up.

“Before widening my legs and throwing him over my shoulder. I then slammed my door, locked my car and ran to work and called the police.”

Philip performed a standing rear attack defence technique, in which you use your body’s natural skeletal strength to throw an attacker over your head onto the ground.

The spur of the moment action stopped the attempted mugging, but unfortunately his attacker escaped, avoiding arrest.

Following the adrenaline high Philip experienced during the attack, he was left very shaken up afterwards and took the rest of the day off work.

James Hudson, 21, of Mossley, the instructor at Gracie Jiu Jitsu Tameside ,said: “I was very concerned to hear about the attack. However, I was very happy to hear that he was able to use our techniques to help defend himself, because that’s what we’re here for.

“We’re very proud of him, he’s shown commendable skill within the martial art. I look forward to continuing his training in the future.”

The incident took its tool on Philip: “It has knocked my confidence for a good while, dealing with mental health issues.”

James said Phil has been the perfect ambassador for martial arts, stating: “Definitely, he’s shown that with perseverance in the art you truly can defend against an attacker in a street situation.

“We at Gracie Jiu Jitsu Tameside will defiantly use him as an example when teaching these techniques to others in the future.”

Since the incident, James Street Carpark has added security cameras.