Demonstration calls on government to ‘stop selling arms’ to Israel

  • Fight Racism Fight Imperialism tells the Government to 'Stop arming Israel'
  • Demonstrators speak out against the Labour Party
  • Group promotes awareness for the Palestinian people 

Pro-Palestine campaigners stage a protest in Piccadilly Gardens against the deaths of Palestinian civilians by Israeli forces. 

Members from Fight Racism Fight Imperialism collaborated with the Palestine Solidarity Campaign Manchester.

The group accuses the British government of arming Israel, resulting in the deaths of Palestinian people attempting to return to their homeland. 

Fight Racism Fight Imperial and Palestine Solidarity Campaign Manchester stop arming Israel
Demonstrators gather in Piccadilly Gardens to raise awareness of Palestinian deaths

The aim of the demonstration is to raise awareness over the two hundred and five people killed attempting to cross the Israeli border. They wish for funding towards Caterpillar bulldozers to cease, claiming they were used to demolish the Palestinian settlement of Khan Al Ahmar.

Activists accused the British Government of being complicit in the crimes of Israel and called for support for Israel to cease.

The demonstrators handed out leaflets and copies of the FRFI newsletter to members of the public. 

Fight Racism Fight Imperial and Palestine Solidarity Campaign Manchester stop arming Israel
The group gathered outside the closed HSBC branch, protesting the company’s investments in Israel.

The demonstrators shared space alongside another protest march that aimed to raise awareness of homelessness in Manchester.

A member of the public loudly challenged the group’s accusations that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was a Zionist puppet.

The Conflict

The Israeli and Palestinian conflict has waged since May 1948, beginning when five Arab states attacked Israel following the failed attempt to negotiate the two-state solution by the UN.

Since then, several pieces of land have been taken and retaken by both sides. Five further attempts for peace were made by Israel but were rejected.

Both sides claim ownership of Jerusalem. Israel maintains primary governmental rule in the city. Jerusalem is home to the location of Muhammad’s ascension to heaven, as well as the Temple Mount. 

In 2005, control of the much disputed Gaza strip was relinquished by Israel.

Despite lacking some bits of knowledge, the passion of the demonstrators was very clear. 

Twenty-year-old FRFI member, Nathan Williams told the Northern Quota: We are here for the Palestinian people. Against the killing of people marching to return home, against apartheid, against imperialism, against capitalism and support for Israel”.