The dangers of concussion in rugby

  • Concussion injuries are now taking even longer to recover from
  • Rugby players asked to donate brains after death to help research into dangers of concussion
  • Concussion injuries particularly dangerous to younger players

Headstrong is a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of concussion in rugby. At Headstrong we want rugby union to maintain its physicality and aggression without players having to sacrifice their health beyond what is necessary. Concussion is an increasingly prevalent issue in rugby and the dangers of concussion need to be stressed in a sport that, post World Cup, is only gaining popularity.

According to the NHS, some of the effects of concussion problems with memory, anxiety and depression. Following his retirement at the age of just 29, former Scotland international David Denton spoke of his “relief” at not playing professional rugby anymore, owing to a series of concussions. No one in the sport should feel relief at having to stop playing, let alone a professional who should be in the prime of their career.