Crumpsall charity sets £20,000 fundraising target to aid food bank in Pakistan during Ramadan

  • Rainbow Surprise are looking to raise £20,000 for temporary food bank and gift aid in Pakistan
  • Charity provided 100 children with new clothes for Eid and hopes to double the amount
  • Meals 2 U delivery service offers locals a hot meal for just £2.50

Founders of charity Rainbow Surprise are planning to fly to Pakistan to provide a space for locals starting their fast in the final 10 days of Ramadan.

For Muslims across the globe this year the fasting period of Ramadan begins on 2 April and lasts for 30 days.

“A couple years before covid my mum was in Pakistan and said there were lots of poor families who were unable to give their children gifts for Eid,” said Shabnam Hussain, project manager at Rainbow Surprise.

“Me and my friends decided to put some money together for my mum to help provide new clothes and shoes to 100 children. They were over the moon, but shortly after covid hit. 

“It’s been miserable, not just here but in Pakistan as well. Families were hit badly.” 

The team working at Crumpsall based charity, Rainbow Surprise
The Rainbow Surprise team have been serving Crumpsall’s community since 2013 Image: Rainbow Surprise

During the pandemic, the charity provided vulnerable members of Crumpsall’s community with hot meals through its food delivery service Meals 2 U.

For £2.50 residents receive a hot meal and dessert delivered directly to their door. The team hopes to open a temporary food bank in Pakistan for locals beginning  their fast.

“Ramadan is a time for giving and looking after others, although our focus is here in Crumpsall this is just something personal we’ve been wanting to do for a while,” Shabnam said.

This year, the team hopes to double its previous efforts and ensure at least 200 children have a gift during Eid.

Although the target has been set for £20,000, Shabnam explained that the team will still proceed with the plans despite the amount raised.

She said: “Even if it’s just our personal families that help put toward this, we’re hoping to at least reach £5,000 which in Pakistan would be an incredible amount of money.

“We’ll still do something to help even if it’s for five days rather than 10.”

Rainbow Surprise was awarded the Community Cohesion Award at 2018's Spirit of Manchester Awards.
The charity were awarded the Community Cohesion Award at the 2018 Spirit of Manchester Awards  Image: Rainbow Surprise

Rainbow Surprise was founded in 2013 after Shabnam organised a Santa’s grotto for families to attend free of charge.

“It was nearing Christmas and I felt like North Manchester was a bit ignored and nothing ever really happened here,” she said.

“Within a week we booked a local church hall, bought some toys for the children and a friend dressed as Santa for the day.

“Word quickly spread and 50 families turned up, including local councillor Richard Lees which we had never expected.

“The regeneration team fortunately offered us funds to do something even bigger and so we organised an Easter fun day in the park.

“We were told to not count on more than 300 people attending, but we ended up with more than 1,000! We haven’t looked back since.”

The team plan to document their journey to Pakistan through Facebook livestreams while back home residents have access to their community shop, food bank and free play schemes for children during school holidays.

“Every penny counts and if anyone can help and donate we would be really grateful.”