Communist Manifesto comes alive on streets of Manchester for 200th anniversary of Karl Marx’s birth

To commemorate the bicentennial anniversary of Karl Marx’s birth on 5 May this year, New Manchester Walks are hosting a tour around the city to celebrate a renewed interest in the communist philosopher.

The event will see participants retracing steps once walked by Marx and Friedrich Engels in the mid-19th century, starting at the Engels statue on First Street.

“For this Marx 200 tour I’m doing more Marx than Engels (the usual format), bringing in his views, ideas and doing some new studying so that there’s info I’ve not touched before in Manchester,” said author Ed Glinert, of New Manchester Walks.

“Public interest has increased. We are getting more and more people involved.”

The work produced in Manchester by Marx and Engels is renowned as some of the most influential political literature ever written. It includes The Condition of the Working Class in England and, more famously, The Manifesto of the Communist Party.

Credited as the founders of communist ideology, Marx and Engels’ appeal has increased in recent times among young people due to a mounting dissatisfaction with austerity.

The ideas put forward by Marx have continually resonated with people all over the world for more than 150 years.

The Marx tour hopes to attract supporters of Marxist ideology and history-lovers alike, as well as providing an opportunity for those interested to find out more, whilst visiting many historically significant locations.