A Clockwork Orange brought to stage with original music from Anthony Burgess

  • First UK production of modern classic using Burgess' own music

Filmed by Stanley Kubrick in 1971 and subsequently withdrawn from cinemas by the director himself following a national furore over copycat violence, A Clockwork Orange has become a byword for teenage violence and the lawless society.

The book by Manchester writer Anthony Burgess is acknowledged as a classic of modern literature, with Martin Amis crediting its influence over his own work.

Now it is being brought to the stage at the Everyman Theatre in Liverpool in a production with Burgess’ original music.

Professor Andrew Biswell, director of the Anthony Burgess Foundation in Manchester, is appearing on Front Row on BBC 2 tomorrow night alongside Professor Mary Beard.

He said: “I will be talking about the new stage production of A Clockwork Orange: A Play With Music at the Liverpool Everyman Theatre, which I have developed over the past few months in collaboration with the Everyman and the director Nick Bagnall.”

Andrew said that Burgess wrote the theatrical version of the book in the 1980s and saw the stage play as an opportunity – following the withdrawal of the film by Kubrick – to present the work with music, which he wrote himself.

A Clockwork Orange is at the Everyman until 12 July.