City council threatens to ban student drummer busker from city centre over noise levels

  • Student Aaron Youd speaks to NQ after Manchester city council ban him from playing the drums in Manchester city centre.

A busking drummer known as ‘Manchester drummer’ to his fans has been told by the council to either stop drumming in the city centre, or face having his drums confiscated.

Aaron Youd, a student at the University of Manchester, who is studying professional musicianship, has been playing drums in the heart of Manchester  city centre for the past four or five years.

However, during a recent performance, he says he was stopped by a council officer who he says told him to “pack up there and then”.

Speaking to NQ, Aaron said: “During my time performing in Manchester I have built a fan base of 4,000 people that have all agreed my drumming has been bringing people of all ages, sex, and race together.

“It’s really sad to say, but this has deeply disheartened me to a point that I have given up on the idea and concept of Manchester Drummer and just focused on my ongoing drumming career and final year of university.

“The fan base doesn’t seem as engaged as they once was.”

Aaron has since started up a change.org petition with a goal of 500 signatures. He feels that there are more pressing matters that the council should be focusing on.

“Their attention should lie elsewhere, like the ongoing illegal acts which take place in Piccadilly. The scale of crime is growing ridiculously quick and there is a huge issue with religious hate speech,” he said.

“I would love to return back to Manchester and again be given the name of ‘Manchester drummer’ and the opportunity to show kids and young musicians that if they have a passion within anything to take that passion and show the world what they are capable of.”

The city council’s bylaws on busking says it states that the use of amplification or drums, trumpets or other loud instruments can cause noise nuisance to residents or businesses.

In a statement to NQ regarding the story, the council said: “The location/pitch for any street performance or busking and method of activity, including the placing of equipment on the highway, must not cause undue obstruction to other users of the highway, such as pedestrians and street cleaners.

“Any performance or busking activity must also not cause a noise nuisance to those living or working nearby due to either the volume and/or duration of the performance”.

If you wish to support Aaron in his petition, you can do so here