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John Hurt in Alien
9th Dec
When I was a child, pretty much all films scared me and I certainly could not deal with horror. Now, as an adult, I'm a horror fan and very few films...
Bar scene in Inglourious Basterds
8th Dec
Yesterday I wrote about the harrowing and mostly true account, Schindler's List. Today I'm writing about a film set in the same period that does the...
Doug Jones in Pan's Labyrinth: Credit: Telecinco
6th Dec
I don't need to hesitate when somebody asks me what my favourite film of all time is. There is no shadow of a doubt that Guillermo Del Toro's...
Scene from Waltz With Bashir
5th Dec
The drama genre is defined as being more realistic than other genres and what could be more realistic than a depiction of somebody remembering true...
Scene from In Bruges
4th Dec
If you want to watch a Christmas movie with a healthy dose of cynicism and dark comedy, then In Bruges is for you. Martin McDonagh's eclectic tale...
A Town Called Panic. Credit: Hammer & Tongs
3rd Dec
As the Christmas holidays peak over the horizon, TV schedules are filled with family films to entertain the kids during their school breaks. But...
Revolori and Ronan in Grand Budapest Hotel. Credit: 20th Century Fox
1st Dec
Wikipedia defines the absurdist genre as focusing on the experiences of characters in situations where they cannot find any inherent ...
Manchester Christmas Lights Switch on show
4th Nov
Christmas 2018 was triggered with the push of a button at Manchester’s Albert Square as music filled the streets and fireworks lit up the sky. The...
14th Dec
Footballers and TV stars braved the cold and enjoyed the indoor Christmas theme park as Winter Wonderland officially launched in Manchester on Monday...
12th Dec
Dogs Trust Manchester is bracing itself for the post-Christmas influx of unwanted dogs and is urging the public to remember the charity’s iconic...


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