Credit: Martha Norris

Christmas conscious as shopping needs to be made sustainable with the climate crisis. 

With Christmas right around the corner, the cost-of-living crisis hitting everyone’s purses this is how charity shops become the heroes of a sustainable and low-cost Christmas.  

The cost of living has never been so high, and climate crisis concerns are becoming more pronounced as time moves on. Christmas might not feel as festive as usual, but charity shops are here to tell us why they provide the solution to those fears this season.  

Manchester is known for being a vibrant hub for Christmas shopping with German markets and an extensive highstreet for locals and visitors to get their Christmas gifts. Christmas shopping can be both an exciting thrill of gift giving whilst also being aware of the impact of buying new and throwing away old. 

A recent survey by showed the North-West are predicted to spend £750 on their Christmas shopping, the cost of living has never been so overwhelming for consumers, conscious choices now may feel it comes with a price tag. 

Charity shop’s best finds this Christmas

Charity shops provide many solutions to the fears of overpriced items and getting a second life of perfectly great gifts. Oxfam highly recommends these great finds when searching for the best gifts to get for Christmas;

  • Vinyl records 
  • Books 
  • Children’s toys 
  • Dog accessories  
  • Fair Trade Chocolate  

Caroline Jones, Area Manager from British Heart Foundation said “Shopping in charity shops can often feel like a treasure trove. You can easily stumble across little hidden gems and find yourself smiling at the steal. You never know quite what you’re going to find, and that’s the most exciting part. The discovery.” 
“In a year, the BHF saves over 56,000 tonnes of goods from going to waste, including 186,000 sofas and armchairs. In one year, we resell 12,000 tonnes of preloved clothes.

“Sustainability is also important, especially with younger customers and our vintage goods are proving popular. ” 

Sometimes the best gifts we find are the ones we aren’t expecting and that certainly is something you can guarantee in a charity shop. Credit: Martha Norris

Sustainability isn’t and shouldn’t feel like an extra cost

Katrina From Remake Charity says ‘While some companies release special collections for the holiday season or others create luxury items that are positioned as desirable presents for the holiday season.  It’s no surprise that fashion companies invest heavily in marketing campaigns around Christmas to promote their products, often providing promotional offers, and discounts, partnering with celebs and influencers to encourage consumers to make holiday-related fashion choices.”  

“They can start with education and awareness by providing information about the environmental and social impact of fashion and conventional consumerism during the holiday season as well as by highlighting the positive impact of choosing sustainable options.”  

“Consumer awareness of ethical and sustainable practices in the fashion industry has also led some companies to incorporate these values into their marketing strategies”.

Katrina, Remake charity
Charity shops may not have expensive or glamourous exteriors, but the treasures that you can find are worth the explore within. Credit: Martha Norris

Sustainability can be affordable, and it doesn’t have to be a word that can feel intimidating to those who also want an affordable Christmas. The possibility of having an exciting Christmas haul of presents whilst being thoughtful for the planet and not stretching the bank is now more possible than we think.  Next time you are out on the Christmas present hunt, consider your next charity shop as the place to give a gift that keeps on giving.