Credit: Bejamin Property Company

Manchester is set to build more affordable housing in an unusual area.  

A brand new 25-storey building block, One Park Place, is set to be built in Cheetham Hill Road to reestablish and rejuvenate the area.  

Cheetham Hill, a reputation often associated with counterfeit goods and Strangways prison is going to host the new 25-storey apartment building development contracted with United Living.

The new building building tower is located on the corner of the Brownfield plot towards the south of Cheetham Hill Road.  

The south of the suburb area, Cheetham has been classed as a ‘potential hotspot’ and ‘untaped area’, according to the Benjamin Property Group, whom secured the planning permission of the developments, aspires to create an improved reputation of the area and more businesses can thrive with more locals to live in.  

Affordable one and two-bed apartments is hard to come by these days, in such a busy city Manchester is becoming a hotspot to live in but a tough rental market to find real affordable places.  

The city centre is often rife with newer and more modern apartments getting built but in a new recent development and unlikely area has been given the green light on new housing. 

Credit: Place North West
Images of the promised One Park Place developments hope to look like. Benjamin Proptety Group secured the planning permission for the 154 apartments to be built. Credit: Place North West.

Although new developments will generate more housing, not everyone was thrilled with the news. 

Locals have taken to social media to air their views. Sofia Muskeen on Facebook commented “ A lot of these affordable housing schemes come with caveats that make them difficult to qualify for and are a trap. 

“Cheetham has been neglected for years”

Sofia Muskeen, local resident

Many people that have gone for options such as shared ownership regret doing that and end up loosing money in the long run.”  

Rachel Bx commented “This just looks like another example of developers looking to earn money. This kind of thing just gentrifies the area and pushes us working-class people out. 

I don’t think the council or the developers have our best interests at heart. Ultimately these developments are about profit, they just try and put a philanthropic spin on it because it’s good for their PR.” 

Cllr Gavin White, Manchester City Council’s executive member for housing and development, said: “We know that there is a large and growing demand for high quality, affordable housing in Manchester.”  

To see more about the One Park Place building and the plans set in place.