Volunteers at Khizra Mosque with dates for NHS workers

Cheetham Hill Mosque supporting NHS staff during Ramadan

  • Muslims around the world are starting Eid celebrations in lockdown today.
  • Ramadan this year has been especially challenging for NHS staff working long shifts and wearing PPE.
  • Councillors and local volunteers in Cheetham Hill have been preparing boxes of dates for hospital staff who have been fasting while working on the Covid19 wards.

The Cheetham Hill community gathered at Khizra Mosque on 7 May to pack the dates which help health workers to stay energised and hydrated while working. Over 200 date boxes were packed for North Manchester General Hospital staff. These were sent along with hot foods and drinks.

Local councillor, Shazia Butt, said: “This is the least we can do. After everything the staff are going through we have to make sure they’re eating and hydrated especially during this Ramadan.

“The coronavirus has left a lot of people confused, upset and stressed, but we are all working together to try and come past this distressing time. We are happy to be helping out anyone who is in need and we are extremely grateful for our NHS staff for everything they have done, doctors and nurses who are risking their lives everyday to ensure patients are being looked after and recovering as quickly as possible.”

Following the current rules on 2 metre distancing, the helpers packed the dates in small plastic boxes while wearing gloves and masks.

The local mosque also does its part in helping the less fortunate by handing out food boxes to local people who are having difficulties providing food for their families while working.

Yasin Mahmood, a resident of Cheetham Hill, said: “Our local mosque has always been great when it comes to helping out the community, making sure everyone is equipped with what they need in this difficult time. As for the NHS, they are doing great. It’s an honour to help out in anything that could help them out even the littlest bit.”

During this time, Many muslims have gathered at mosques in different cities to help amid the coronavirus crisis. In Birmingham, the Green Lane Mosque has been providing food delivery for those in need and others have launched a multilingual hotline for elderly people who are self-isolating.