Chanel’s Spectacular Métiers d’Art 2023/2024 Show showers Manchester hopes of economic boom

Manchester basked in Chanel’s 2023/2024 edition of Métiers d’Art show with council saying the show could bring an economic boom to the city 

The deputy council chairman, Luthfur Rahman, described the 2023/2024 edition of Metiers d’art in Manchester as economic blessing to the city as it placed the city in a prestigious position for international businesses and visitors.

Councillor Rahman said: “It’s impossible at this stage to even begin to quantify the economic impact hosting the event has had on the city, or to put a figure on it.

“The true impact will involve not just the direct spend and income generated within the city over these last few weeks leading up to and during the event, but also the longer-term benefits that will come from the massive boost to Manchester’s profile that Chanel has given the city.”

Chanel’s Métiers d’Art is a blend of fashion, arts, music, and photography which is held every year. This year’s edition took place at the Victoria baths in Manchester this December, with fashion stars and models walked the isle displaying the rich and exotic fashion , and blending with the music at the background.

Chanel’s website stated: “The exhibition, open to all, gave a unique perspective on the tremendous history and creativity of Manchester by bringing together artists in the fields of photography, music, poetry, design, crafts, in resonance with the exceptional savoir-faire of the Maison’s d’art at le19m.

“It also enabled the discovery of the art of embroidery during participative workshops animated by artisans and experts from lemarié, lesage and atelier montex.”