Campaign to reduce ‘One Punch’ GMP and VRU support

A national campaign has been launched to educate and empower men to ‘walk away’ from escalating situations which could lead to violence or death in an extreme cases.

There has been a record of violence cases in the last five years in Greater Manchester, with nine men losing their lives from a single punch. Likewise in same time frame, there have been 92 cases of grievous bodily harm where a single punch has caused serious injuries.

Although these incidents are totally avoidable, this doesn’t affect the victims only but their loved ones with shock and devastation which is indescribable.

Debbie Wood, from one such victim’s family, said: “We’ve got a daughter now who’s got no dad to all the milestone in life she’ll miss out on. It’s just heartwrenching, just don’t do it because you do not realise what you doing to your family and your own family as well. so please do punch anybody”.

Nurse Bunmi Cooper, mental health nurse, Said: “The effect of one punch can cause death.

A scenario was stated which shows how it can deform the victim leading to temporary unconsciousness which can lead to paralysis. It can also cause financial problem that may cause depression and leads to death”.

Greater Manchester Police’s violence reduction unit are supporting the campaign ongoing on commitment to tackling serious violence and reducing homicide across the region.

The campaign has also been endorsed locally by Sacha Lord, Greater Manchester’s night time economy advisor.

Their aim is to make everyone to keep Greater Manchester’s thriving night time economy safe for all to enjoy.

Also, there’s a campaign called One Punch UK they do campaign called “One Punch Awareness Week” an annual awareness week which takes place during the third week of September every year.,-Main%20article%20content&text=A%20national%20campaign%20has%20been,or%20in%20extreme%20cases%2C%20death.