Campaign to tackle climate change in Manchester

  • NQ officially launches its OURS campaign
  • Connor Pritchard leads the student-run campaign looking to tackle climate change on the local level

Did you know that by 2050 the number of households at significant risk of flooding will more than double to nearly 2m?

This is caused by the havoc of climate change and The Northern Quota is looking to counter this on a local scale through the OURS campaign.

OURS is a student-run campaign looking to tackle the issues of climate change on a local and national scale.

The aim is to highlight individuals in our community who are doing their bit to help maintain and give back to our environment. As we are students at a first-class university in terms of environmental and ethical performance in Manchester Metropolitan University, we feel obliged to highlight such projects.

We hope that by bringing forth eco-friendly examples, it will inspire people to be more environmentally conscious.

Climate change is a serious matter that affects the entire population, yet it is also a subject that is often brushed to the side and regarded as unimportant by most of us. We are all culpable of possessing a lack of mindfulness when it comes to taking care of the environment we find ourselves living in.

Credit: jesse orrico
Credit: Jesse Orrico (

However, through the OURS campaign, we are looking to change that mentality by sharing the efforts of pro-active individuals and organisations working to improve our environment.

The past 12 months have been polarising when it comes to climate change in the UK and we want to change the tone by showcasing the brilliant, positive events and projects happening across the country.

With an air of uncertainty looming over us through matters such as Brexit and the election of Donald Trump – an outspoken climate change sceptic – it could be regarded as a scary time.

However, we believe it is vital to expose examples of positivity at this current time.

Yes, it is a period of angst and worry but there are a number of individuals and groups doing their bit to sustain our environment on a local scale. We want to present them to you in a hope it will deflect the negativity and inspire you to do something green.

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