Campaign to save the lives of horses by reducing the speed limit on country roads

  • On average, an incident involving horse riders happens every single day on Britian’s roads.
  • A campaign led by Bethany Radzan aims to reduce the national speed limit on roads with significant horse and rider activ

In the last seven years, there has been more than 2,500 road incidents involving horses reported and more than 80% of them were caused by cars passing too close and fast.

This led to 222 horses being killed and 38 riders injured. 

80% of these incidents happened on minor roads and in rural areas.

Most country roads in the UK have a 60mph limit. However, at 60mph a driver’s stopping distance is 73 metres. This means if a hazard appeared in the distance, the driver would not be able to stop in time. 

Taking this into account, our campaign slow down for horses aims to reduce the national speed limit to 30mph on country roads with high equestrian activity. 

We believe that lowering the speed limit to 30mph will reduce the amount of accidents caused by motorists driving too fast when approaching a horse and rider

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