Campaign to raise awareness for work place health and safety

  • NQ today officially launched its #BetterSafety campaign
  • Led by NQ reporter Jenna Saville, the campaign focuses on improving health and safety in the workplace

Better Safety is a campaign set up with the hope to raise awareness for health and safety for people like me and you, supported by The Northern Quota.

It is an important factor that goes unnoticed in day to day life by most people. The traffic lights you cross on the way to work, the wet floor signs, the smoke detectors. It is all health and safety to keep the me and you as the public safe.

However it leaves most peoples minds, it is not the first thing they think of when they get to work, or the first thing that triggers when they visit a restaurant but it is a vital day to day factor.

From injuries to chemical incidents to work temperature, there should be policies and procedures in place to protect you.

A better knowledge is needed for health and safety within the general public, perhaps by educating people from a younger age before they enter workplaces about how important it is.

From Primary school we are told what to do when there is a fire, this is health and safety in day to day practice. Everybody is aware of the importance of health and safety procedure when there is a fire, why should it stop there? We should be more knowledgeable where health and safety is concerned, as it is our health and our safety.

The campaign includes a series of articles which enhance the fact we need better knowledge, from a day in the life of a safety advisor, to the issue of staff fatigue and how to combat it, work place injuries, the lack health and safety inspections and a relevant subject of drivers using their mobile phones.


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