Campaign to raise awareness of schemes that prevent cycle thefts in Central Manchester

  • MMU student journalist Stewart Price has launched the #lockitup campaign 
  • Aiming to raise awareness of the schemes in place to prevent cycle thefts

Every year many people have their bicycles stolen and it can be the type of crime that hits hard for some as bicycles. As a result of this I will be raising awareness of methods that are being done by GMP and Manchester City Council to reduce the number of bicycle thefts in these areas.

According to the Office for National Statistics, over 50,000 bicycles were stolen in the UK over the last 2 years and with Manchester a popular cycling city, it is important that people are able to keep their cycles safe.   

This campaign will be focusing on people in Central Manchester who have been affected by such crime as well as finding out why these schemes were introduced and what they aim to acheive.

For years councils and the Police have issued advice on how to prevent these crimes along with schemes to keep your cycle’s more secure and it is time that people are made aware of these schemes as cycling is rapidly gaining popularity in major UK cities. 

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