A campaign to raise awareness to British tourists about the ethical way to visit elephants

  • #ElephantsFirst campaign launches today on NQ
  • Led by Taylor Hill, the campaign aims to raise awareness to British tourists about the cruelty happening within some elephant ‘sanctuaries’ 

With 3 out of 4 elephants in Thailand living in poor or unacceptable conditions and tourism in Thailand increasing every year, it’s time we educate people on the most popular tourist attraction in Asia – visiting elephants. 

Elephants First is aimed at British tourists who are wanting to travel to visit elephants. By now, most of us understand that the most ethical way to visit and interact with elephants are in sanctuaries. 

Many organisations across Asia have picked up on this and are exploiting the fact that more people are wanting to see elephants in this healthy environment. They label their tourist attractions as ‘sanctuaries’ when in actual fact, the way that elephants are treated in their care is inhumane. British tourists often jump at the opportunity to bathe or ride an elephant or interact with it in such a personal way. This leads us to the question we are asking you to consider are the elephants here for your entertainment or is this really a sanctuary for them?

Here at Elephants First, we are hoping to raise awareness to British travelers about how to visit elephants in ethical sanctuaries. 

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