Campaign to make Manchester a fashion capital

  • NQ reporter, Amy Holmes, today launched our campaign to get Manchester recognised as a fashion capital
  • The campaign is appealing to Mancunians to support local brands, boosting the city's standing in the fashion community



Ian Brown once said Manchester has everything except a beach. A statement that every mancunian can't possibly disagree with.

But there is something else that also sticks out like a sore thumb, and gives you that sort of irritating, nagging feeling, like when you end up ordering the wrong dish out of the two you were debating over, knowing you should of gone for the cheese burger instead.

Why isn't Manchester recognised as a fashion capital?

Manchester is a hot spot when it comes to a location for online retailers setting up their brands, we have the likes of Boohoo, Missguided, LAMODA, Public Desire and Forever Unique all on our doorstep, with new brands starting up every year.

Our high-street is still booming, you can't walk down Market Street on a Saturday without being taken in by the buzz of shoppers, all taking full advantage of the wonderful city of fashion Manchester is.

Head over to the Northern Quarter, where we have the mighty, Afflecks Palace, stop by COW and get lost in the abundance of vintage finds. All while indulging in the amazing street style Manchester has to offer.

This campaign, through a number of articles, is going to highlight why we think Manchester should be recognised as a Fashion capital, and hopefully win the support of the people of Manchester along the way.

So fellow Mancunians, We're asking you to support the hub of fashion that is growing day-by-day in the city, buy from Manchester brands and support our up and coming fashion designers.

Manchester was dubbed cottonopolis in the 19th century due to the city's rich cotton and textile trade. Now we want to take the city's history and mix it in with what we think represents Manchester today. From cottonopolis to fashionopolis.

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